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Wines of Hvar Island


Hvar Island, the sunniest island in Europe is also known for having some of the best wines in Croatia, if not the world. Credit can be given to 2400 years of uninterrupted wine production along with an average of 2724 hours of sunshine per year. With all of this accumulated knowledge and perfect growing conditions, is it no surprise that Hvar wine is something really special.

Hvar Island is indeed an island for Wine lovers. With vineyards all over the island, there is an opportunities to explore and taste the real treasures of Dalmatia. With 11 professional vineries on the island, it can be difficult to decide which ones to visit. Even if we would recommend all of them, here is a list of our favorites:

Vina Carić

Vinary Carić is located in the village of Vrboska and produces a total of 8 types of wine. There most popular reds are Ploški Povac and Ploški Povac Barrique (Zinfandel), Bogdanjuša (a monovarietal wine) & Cesarica (Dalmatian word for “Queen” or “Empress”). Vina Carić have won many awards for excellence and one of their trademarks is their bottle label that was drawn by Edo Murtić. Their vineyards are located on the hillsides around the village of Svirce and on the coast in Zavala and Ivan Dolac on the South side of the island.

“Our wines owe their distinctive character to their different soils and the microclimatic conditions prevailing in the individual vineyards. All of our vineyards are part of Vinogorje Hvar”

vina carić

Vina Duboković

The “Konoba” of Ivo Duboković is located in the town of Jelsa and is one of the top wine producers on the island.  Ivo Duboković is not only famous for the quality of his wine, but the story behind them as well.  He will take his guests on a journey and tell the story of how a hobby turned into one of the country’s top products.  Many people say that his wine tasting is one of the most fascinating tasting experiences on the island.  In his cellar, there are no extraordinary or extravagant settings, only a feeling of intimacy which really brings his wines to life.



Vina Tomić

Throughout the year, the Tomić winery produces between 130.000 to 150.000 bottles of wine. His winery and cellars are located in Jelsa and are one of the more commercial wine producers on the island, but this does not take away from the quality of the wine.  His winery will leave most guests in awe and is defiantly worth visiting.  The wine tasting room is modeled after an ancient Roman dining room were guests feel that they have traveled back in time.  Tomić has truly created an amazing setting for his guests which can only be matched by the quality of his wines.

vina tomić

vina tomić

Zlatan Otok

The biggest and probably best known producer of wine on the island is Zlatan Otok.  Founded in 1986, they have vineyards not only on the island but also in other parts of Croatia such as the Makarska Riviera.  There cellers are located in Sveta Nedelja, on the southern slopes of Hvar island.  This amazing cellar is constructed partially under the sea in order to keep the wine at the right temperature.  In addition to wine tasting, Zlatan Otok offers a restaurant were guests can enjoy full meals while tasting different wines. Zlatan Otok keeps most of their wines tucked away deep in the hills of the island (the entrance is in the Pitve tunnel) where the temperatures are always consistent.  This wine producer is also the only wine maker on the island that produces a Grand Cru and is defiantly another must visit place even if you are not a wine lover.

zlatan otok

zlatan otok

If you are interested in booking a tour to any (or all) of these cellars, contact Croatia Holiday Travel and let us show you the true treasures of Hvar Island.  Also see our other wine tours throughout Croatia.  

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