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The Hidden Gems: Best Islands to Visit Near Split, Croatia

Looking for the top islands to visit near Split, Croatia? Well, Croatia is a beautiful spot by the sea, and Split is a great city mixing old charm with new fun. It’s the perfect spot to start exploring nearby islands. Here’s a quick guide to help you out:


Golden Leaf Properties - Hvar Town

People call Hvar the “queen” of the islands. Why? It has lovely lavender fields, vineyards, and beautiful sea views. Young folks love the nightlife, and history fans can explore old buildings and streets in Hvar Town.


Golden Leaf Properties - Golden Horn Beach

Brac is famous for the Zlatni Rat beach. Imagine soft, white pebbles and clear blue water – perfect for a swim. And if you like windsurfing, Bol is the place. Plus, the island has charming old villages to walk around in.


Golden Leaf Properties - Blue Cav - Island vis

Vis was once a hidden military spot, but now it’s open to everyone. It has clean beaches and isn’t too crowded. There are two main towns, Komiza and Vis Town, both worth a visit. And if you like diving, you’ll love the underwater caves.


Just a quick boat ride from Split, Solta is peaceful and quiet. It’s perfect for taking a break. You can also try the island’s famous honey and wine while visiting small, friendly villages.


Golden Leaf Properties - Korcula Island

Some folks compare Korcula to a smaller version of the famous city, Dubrovnik. It has an old town with neat buildings and streets. People also believe the explorer Marco Polo was born here. And, of course, there are beaches, forests, and vineyards to explore.

Paklinski Islands

Golden Leaf Properties - Paklinski Islands

Close to Hvar, these islands have about twenty small land pieces. Sailors love it here. The islands have hidden beaches, clear water, and are super relaxing.

Island-Hopping Tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Check boat times because they change.
  • Stay Overnight: Day trips are good, but staying overnight is better. You can choose from many hotels and guesthouses.
  • Try Local Food: Each island has its special dishes and drinks. Give them a try!
  • Be Kind to Nature: The islands are pretty because they’re clean. Let’s keep them that way.

After hopping from one island to another, wouldn’t it be nice to have a cozy place to stay? That’s where Golden Leaf Properties comes in.

Feel at Home with Golden Leaf Properties

It feels great to come back to a comfy place after a day of exploring. Golden Leaf Properties in Split offers homes and apartments for travelers. Whether you want a house by the beach or an apartment in the city, they have something for everyone.

When you rent a place, you can live the way you want. No need to follow hotel timings. Cook with fresh food from the market or enjoy your morning coffee with a view.

Plus, the team at Golden Leaf Properties knows Split and its islands inside out. They can tell you about hidden spots and great food places to make your stay special.

In the end, while the islands offer lots of fun, where you stay can make your trip even better. With Golden Leaf Properties, you don’t just stay; you feel at home. So, as you plan your trip to Croatia, think about staying in one of their places. Let Split and its islands give you a wonderful time.

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