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Risk Free Bookings

29/01/2021 by Max Sprung

Travel and booking accommodations during this pandemic is anything but simple. The future is clouded and no one can predict what tomorrow will hold, let alone what going to happen in a few months from now. We are hoping that vaccinations will start allowing most of us to begin traveling and moving around without having to worry or social distance.  But although we don’t know what the future will bring, we can still plan ahead with our COVID-19 Travel Policy. 


  1. Register as a user on our website
  2. Find the property and dates that you would like to book and submit your booking request
  3. Wait for the approval email from our team and make the reservation payment
  4. The special Risk Fee Booking policy applies to all bookings 

That’s it! If any of the below occurs, we will allow you to cancel your reservation with only a 3% cancellation fee or receive a travel voucher to reschedule at a later date without penalty. 

FREE CANCELLATION OR TRAVEL VOUCHERS up to 14 days before arrival if any of the following situations occur:

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