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Property management Hvar and Split

A few months ago, we wrote a blog “property manager or self-manage, which?”.  Today we are going to elaborate and discuss the benefits of working with Golden Leaf properties.  Established in 2014, Golden Leaf has 7 years’ experience in vacation rentals and property management on Hvar Island and Split.

Booking Management

For those owners who choose to promote their own properties online, their options are limited to their knowledge of the market. As a result, This usually tends to be only the major OTA’s such as Booking.com, Airbnb and maybe a local agency or two.  although this type of marketing may result in adequate occupancy, owners have limited themselves to the types of guests that usually search for accommodation on these platforms.  These are usually people looking to find the best deals, cheap accommodations and “these days” will usually ask for additional discounts no matter what prices you set.   Not that we are saying anything bad about these large OTA’s, as smaller, specialized and niche agencies wouldn’t exist without them, but “times they are a changing”. 

Upscale, Luxury and Unique

If you are a property owner and have a vacation rental which falls into the category “Upscale, Luxury and Unique”, Golden Leaf can help you diversify your marketing.  If you speak to a financial or investment advisor, they will always tell you that financial diversification is the key to stability, risk aversion and peace of mind.  In our industry this is no different.  Just because one OTA provides you with bookings one year, does not guarantee anything in the future as seen with the COVID19 outbreak. 

With advanced channel manager technology and specialized booking channels, Golden Leaf can publish your home to all of the major booking channels and also specialized channels. As an individual, you would not be able to access these channels on your own such and Homes & Villas by Marriott International, The Plum Guide and ONEE Luxury Travel

Most homeowners think that by working on their own, they will make more money because they don’t have to pay for agency commissions, but this is not true.  If Golden Leaf can provide just one additional week of bookings that you would normally not obtain on your own, then you as an owner will in most cases receive more overall rental income.

Property Management

If your vacation rental business is your primary source of revenue, then we would always recommend that you manage your own property, but if not, then Golden Leaf may be the right choice for you.  We work with homeowners who are not able, don’t have the knowledge or simple don’t want to manage their own rental property. 

Golden Leaf has professional, on-site staff, in-house solutions and assets for professional property management on Hvar island and Split.  What does this mean and what can Golden Leaf Properties do you for you? We can completely take over your vacation rental operations. 

The Process

The process starts with consultations and professional recommendations on how to get the most out of your property.  We can help with implementing or recommending trusted professionals to get the job done.  From there, we can help with professional curation and marketing materials. This includes professional photography, virtual walkthroughs or short video productions as we have the right tools and partners for the job. 

Rental Operations

Once your guests start arriving, we implement a standardized process to ensure meet-and-greet, cleaning and laundry services are all performed professionally and at the highest possible standards.  In order to ensure this, Golden Leaf has the right equipment, standardized cleaning guidelines and inspection checklists.  We even have our own in-house laundry services on Hvar Island.  We maintain swimming pools, make guests visits during their stay and are available 24 hours a day for your guest.  If any problems or emergencies should occur, we always have staff ready to respond. Guest problems, house issues or appliance not working? Golden Leaf has dealt with these issues for nearly a decade, let our experiences work for you. 

We provide our homeowners with three property management packages to choose from. If you are interested in discussing what we can do for you, give us a call for FREE CONSULTATIONS.

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