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Updated Services: New Owners Dashboard

Owners Dashboard

Communication and transparency are the keys to any healthy and long-lasting relationship. And in our business, this is truer than ever, which is why we have introduced our new owners dashboard. Our property owners have often spent years carefully planning, building and furnishing these homes, pouring countless hours, not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars/euros into these properties. It is a long and strenuous process.

Thus, when the end of the journey is in sight, the focus begins to shift to the ROI or Return on Investment. Which brings up a whole host of new questions to ask! Who will you get to manage your property? Are you able to do it yourself? Or is it better to hand the reigns over to a professional?

Check out our previous blog to see what we have to say about the “Property Manager versus Self Manage” discussion. There are some very interesting pro’s to consider on both sides of the coin. And, if you do choose to work with a property manager, it is imperative that you make sure to ask the right questions in order to establish and maintain full transparency. Right from the beginning. Because no matter who you have brought in to manage your property, they are working for you. Their role is to ensure that your business is successful and that your property is managed responsibly. It is still your property at the end of the day.

Creating and maintaining relationships

Here at Golden Leaf Properties, we understand that maintaining control over your property is crucial to you as a property owner. We aim to ensure that your relationship with us is one that prioritises complete transparency and mutual trust. Starting as we mean to continue, this trust begins from the very beginning of the business relationship.

Introducing our new Owners Dashboard

As trusted partners, we always listen to our property owners’ needs and wants, and we heard you loud and clear. 

This is why we are very excited to introduce our new owners’ dashboard! Our new dashboard gives you everything you have been asking for. Built within our website, this dashboard allows property owners to have real time and complete information about their reservations. 

Currently available in six languages, property owners like yourself can quickly and conveniently view details such as the total income generated for a year or nights sold for a month.  You can easily see when guests are arriving and departing.  By looking at the reservation details, you can see all booking information, guest names and other notes with any pertinent details that you might need to know, along with invoices and all invoicing data.

Most importantly, you, the property owner, have the freedom to be able to close out dates for yourself on the calendar. And any date changes, whether made by yourself or the GLP team, automatically synchronize throughout our entire marketing network!

The owner’s dashboard is also available as an app to download to your smartphone, enabling you to manage your property while on the move.  You can also choose to be notified via your app whenever a new reservation arrives and it offers a great calendar view so you can quickly glance at your occupancy month by month. 

Why Golden Leaf Properties?

When deciding who you will trust with to manage your vacation rental, it is important to pay attention to details and choose someone who checks all the boxes.  We are proud to be a trusted home management company chosen by Homes & Villas by Marriott International in Croatia. And this is because we offer our property owners a collection of professional services and a trusted partner that they can rely on.

It’s simply really. Transparency and trust. So that you know that your luxury, unique, up-market property is in good hands.

Contact us and let’s talk about the possibilities of working together to assist you to gain the maximum rental return on your property by attracting the right tenants, ensuring a smooth leasing process, maintaining long term lease agreements and minimising vacancies.

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