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Two Most Popular Holiday Homes on Hvar

Two most popular holiday homes on Hvar

Many of our properties have stories. We think this adds to the whole experience, when you rent your holiday home or villa. Here Max tells the story of two of Golden Leaf Property’s most popular holiday homes on Hvar, Villa Jasmine and Studio Zavala.

These are two completely different properties, both belonging to Max’s family, that are now available as holiday homes.

Villa Jasmine, Island Hvar

Let’s just be clear. As one of the most popular holiday homes on Hvar photos will never do Villa Jasmine justice.

And let’s start from the beginning.

Villa Jasmine is a beautiful villa located on a very secluded property on the island of Hvar. The property is named after my grandmother and my mother. While I don’t know the exact year it was built, it’s roughly 100 years old. My grandmother was actually born in this house”.

Designed beautifully by an architect who knew what he was doing. All materials were handpicked, when the property was renovated about six years ago. Built for outdoor living, the outside pool area boasts a full kitchen, lounge, dining area and pool bar with a bathroom and steam shower and of course the heated pool.

The custom built table is made from tool pieces found inside the house before renovations, pieces of axe, wine holders and barrels.

“In its day it was the only house in the area that had two wells. Whenever the village was out of water, they would come here to collect water. In one of the rooms we’ve actually dug up one of the wells and turned it into a wine cellar. It’s basically a cave in the house. Now a wine cellar”.


Villa Jasmine is located about 2km from Stari Grad and a 15min drive from Hvar town. It’s a little bit on a hill. Everything enclosed within its walls for ultimate privacy. One area looks down over the protected UNESCO fields of Stari Grad, the biggest and the most fertile plain on the Adriatic islands.

“When you first walk in you feel the openness of the house. You feel the quality of the house, the materials, the seclusion and privacy. You feel the comfort. We wanted to make sure that when guests enter the home, they immediately feel like they have entered into a high quality, high class villa. Anybody that comes here, will not be disappointed“.

Villa Jasmine, one of the most popular holiday homes on Hvar, is a beautiful authentic villa, built in the style of the Adriatic and Island surrounds.

Studio Zavala, Island Hvar

This amazing property is located only meters away from the sea. It’s perfect for those looking to spend their days relaxing on the beach. Although it’s small, it’s location and interior make up for what it lacks in size.

Studio Zavala was initially built as a field house where vineyard workers would tie up their donkeys and use it as the perfect spot to have lunch and get out of the hot summer sun. The workers would keep their plows and tools inside. Each night locking it up, to keep it safe from thieves and the salty sea air. The building was used for generations, while the vineyards were being cultivated”.

This island holiday home includes a simple and cosy open plan living. It features a fireplace to keep you toasty during cooler stays. And, did we mention, the sea views are stunning.

So Much History

“During the arrival of communism and the formation of Yugoslavia, the landowners of the time were sent into hiding or prosecuted, leaving the land and vineyards to go to waste for years on end.  During this period, the local population began squatting on land parcels belonging to the Nobel families without reprisal or reprimand. This particular building and land was not squatted on. It was left to wither and deteriorate for many years, leaving the vineyards overgrown, the building abandoned and ruined by time”. 

An Original Restored

Situated about 20 meters from the sea and about 30 meters from a secluded pebbled beach, the location of this home is truly something special.

“In the 1990’s, the land was eventually given back to the original family, Duboković, who then sold it to the famous winemaker Plenković. Instead of selling the building it was renovated by the grandson of the last generation of Nobles, my father. For years as a family, we enjoyed this property as a beach house and holiday home”. 

A Top Ten Choice

Renovated in 2014 to what it is today, Studio Zavala, is notably a top 10 short-term vacation rental on Hvar island. Trips To Discover chose one of Studio Zavala, to feature in their article, Top 15 Air BNB’s in Hvar, Croatia: https://www.tripstodiscover.com/airbnbs-in-hvar-croatia/.

Studio Zavala is one of the original Golden Leaf Properties, one of the reasons the company was created. A property now enjoyed by numerous guests from all over the world.

Studio Zavala is a seaside jewel, a very rare find that fills up fast. Don’t delay! Book today! Or you may end up waiting another year!

Popular Experiences Nearby

For a true Hvar island culinary experience, look no further than Konoba Dvor Duboković. Located in a small village by the name of Pitve, this family owned rustic restaurant serves hearty fare, cooked on the large open fire oven that is very traditional to the area. We highly recommend that you try the octopus peka and wash it down with the house made wine!

Only 12 minute drive from Zavala and 13 minutes from Stari Grad.

Velo Zaraće is a beach located on the south side of the island and provides wonderful shelter and protection for swimming and sun lounging. With two very local food options right in the bay, you have everything you need for a lovely summer’s day spent on the beach!

Only a 16 minute drive from Stari Grad, and 35 minutes drive from Zavala.

Za Pod Zub is a gem buried in the heart of the Stari Grad old town. With a very keen eye for quality products, Yvan and Chloe have carefully selected the best products from Croatian artisanal creators and brought them to their wonderful little gourmet deli for your perusal. With emphasis on organic, environmentally-friendly and family-owned operations, we can guarantee that anything you purchase from Za Pod Zub will have you going back for more!

Experience a first-class wine tour with Hvar’s only wine master Jo Ahearne. Book your tour with Jo through Hvar Wine Tours and get a peek into the history of wine in Hvar dating back over 2,00 years, along with Jo’s incredible knowledge and experience.

While this is just a taste of accommodation and what to do, believe us when we say, Otok Hvar, Hvar Island in Croatia has it all, and more!

Here at Golden Leaf Properties, we can’t wait to welcome you to Croatia.