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Villa vs Hotel

Opting for private luxury villas over traditional hotel accommodation this holiday season and into 2021, is a trend that we will continue to see among travellers. This is great news for short term property rental owners for two reasons:

(1) It means a larger community are ultimately considering and booking, alternative accommodation

(2) It’s not just a short term trend. We see it continuing into the longer term, when the virus is a thing of the past.

Main Concerns

With safety being the main concern, our short term luxury villas are ideal for travellers this holiday season, both winter and summer.

Everyone has different anxiety and comfort levels surrounding the pandemic. This means that many families able to travel are, for the first time looking to book separate accommodation versus staying with family or booking hotel stays.

Guests booking short-term rentals over traditional hotel stays during this time isn’t surprising. While we can’t always count on other people to do what they’re supposed to, we CAN count on us. This means short term holiday rentals make sense.

“Don’t spread germs; spread common sense”

Main Benefits – Luxury Villas

Private luxury villa short term rentals have many benefits when compared with staying in a hotel. Let’s look at some of the benefits here:

  • Lower guest turnover. This immediately reduces the risk of exposure between guests significantly.
  • Less “high-touch” surfaces. Minimal shared spaces, such as elevator buttons or door handles in common areas with high traffic.
  • Services available can be as inclusive and as contact free as you would like. A concierge service can easily be arranged, limiting human interaction outside of your family/friends. At the same time this offering discretion for times when you don’t want to be disturbed.
  • The spaciousness of private common areas create an environment of tranquility. Immediately you feel at home, ready to relax.
  • If you’re travelling with children, they will love the fact that they are not confined to a hotel room.
  • Private accommodation like Studio Zavala, featured as one of the Top 15 Airbnbs in Hvar, Croatia, is just steps from the sea. Surrounded by nature, providing healthy living options galore. Read the review.
  • A villa allows you to enjoy your vacation with the seclusion and intimacy that only private accommodation will allow. For example Villa Jasmine on Hvar Island.
  • Many properties allow each party to have their own private sleeping quarters. Plus the ability to gather and socialise in the villa’s common areas.
  • Think your group might be a little large for one home? We have the added option of renting luxury villas in close proximity to each other. Providing space while still keeping everyone close.
Luxury Villas, Villa Purple Rain, Lokva Rogoznica, Croatia
Villa Purple Rain, Lokva Rogoznica, Croatia

Experience Luxury Villas

Travelling you discover new things, new ways of life, explore new areas, taste new delicacies and meet new people as you explore the world. Private accommodation adds that little something extra so that even your accommodation can have you explore and experience beyond the ‘norm”.

Luxury Villas, Villa Jasmine, Hvar Island, Croatia
Villa Jasmine, Hvar Island, Croatia

Options Galore

For both villa owner and traveller there are options galore around how to manage both sides seamlessly, to provide the best service ever. This means that selecting the right company to book your luxury villas with, is almost as important as choosing the villa itself.

AND that’s where we come in. We are the bridge in the middle.

Golden Leaf Properties, on one hand, provides a premium booking service, specialising in unique, luxury and upscale accommodation for travellers visiting Croatia.

And on the other hand, we offer a complete management solution for rental properties. We take pride in providing travellers access to amazing unique homes and villa experiences in Croatia, during this time of unprecedented change.

Luxury Villas, Dioclecijan Penthouse, Split, Croatia
Dioclecijan Penthouse, Split, Croatia


Based on our own research and industry projections reviewed, here at Golden Leaf Properties, we predict that many hotel-goers will become short-term rental converts over the 2021 holiday season, to enjoy safe stays in new destinations.

We take pride in being ideally positioned to offer upscale, luxury, unique accommodation solutions for both travellers and property owners.

Want to know more? Contact us today to find out how you can ensure that your vacation property is on our exclusive database or to learn about the amazing services we offer to travellers coming to Croatia.

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