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Yes. You read correct. 1 billion. That’s the number. ONE BILLION Digital Nomads predicted to come through Croatia by 2035.

So, what is the Digital Nomad buzz all about? Why do they come to Croatia and what can we offer to them when they do come?

Digital Nomads – New Legislation

New legislation was passed in December 2020 specifically in reference to foreign remote workers. This was part of the reforms being made to the foreigners’ law. On January 1st, 2021, Croatia became one of a small handful of European countries welcoming digital nomads through the introduction of a long-stay visa (or residence permit).

This new residence permit, more commonly called a ‘visa’, has the potential to attract year-round visitors and hopefully boost Croatia’s flagging tourism industry. Foreign remote workers are not new to Croatia. They have been trying to find a way to visit, work and stay here for years. The new residence permit has now made way for them to stay more than the 90 days permitted as tourists.

This new residence permit shows that these tech-savvy newcomers are seen as a boom for the local economy. They are consumers of local goods and services, including the tourist apartments and villas that usually sit empty during winter months. Check out how it all started: click this link

Best Online Digital Nomad Resource

Since the new law was passed in December 2020, the best online resource for remote workers looking to head to Croatia with their laptops has been a detailed blog post on the Expat in Croatia website. 

‘How to apply for the digital nomad residence permit in Croatia: Guide for 2021’ has had thousands of page-views since its publication. In terms of popularity by nation, 18 per cent of foreign traffic hails from the US, followed by the UK, North Macedonia and Canada.

Local & Global Recognition

And it’s not just all on paper. The great local team at Saltwater Nomads, are paving the way for Digital Nomads and remote working professionals. Check out the new facebook group, set up by the team for digital nomads in, coming to, or experienced in Split. There are also groups for other locations in Croatia, such as Zagreb, Zadar and Dubrovnik.

It’s fantastic to also see word is also getting out globally. Many mainstream media are featuring the new Digital Nomad Residence Permit, such as this article by Lonely Planet.

Croatia An Amazing Destination

Croatia is definitely an amazing destination for the following reasons:

  • great connectivity: almost every cafe in the country has free WiFi.
  • more than 80% of the population speaks English.
  • a strong tradition of tourism and hospitality.
  • lower cost of living than most of the EU.
  • fantastic climate, with more than 300 days of sunshine in some parts of Dalmatia.
  • an amazingly relaxed lifestyle.
  • surrounded by sunshine, sea, history and activities galore.
  • one of the safest countries in Europe when it comes to crime and security.

And if you’re a Digital Nomad and you’re looking to live and work from Dubrovnik, there’s a fantastic opportunity coming up to win a month in Dubrovnik as a Guest Digital Nomad.

Applications open soon – join the waitlist here.

What Can We Offer

So, how do we at Golden Leaf Properties attract and support Digital Nomads heading to or already here in Croatia? What do we, as providers of luxury accommodation in Dalmatia and Istria need to do to support this growing travel niche?

The team has been doing some research and have found that there are a few things that Digital Nomads value when looking at their accommodation options and the location of a property:

  • Transport connections: How much of an hassle will it be to arrive to the place from the bus/train/ferry terminal?
  • Convenience: Considering time is limited, is the accommodation well connected to the main attractions?
  • Socialisation: Does the accommodation easily allow interaction with other travellers or locals?

Other factors that are important are:

  • Wifi.
  • Self-catering facilities.
  • A dedicated space to work.

Based upon this information, we definitely have some amazing options for Digital Nomads wanting to see the best of what Croatia has to offer. Here’s our top picks:

Premium Apartment Saturnia – one-bedroom, full-floor apartment with approx. 65 sqm in the heart of the ancient old town centre of Split.

Luxury Apartment Achillea – one bedroom apartment with spacious living area overlooking one of the four entrances to Diocletian’s Palace

Mala Tereza – Fully equipped kitchenette, living room, 1 bathroom, 1 bedroom, outdoor area with barbecue
Penthouse Augubio – In Diocletian’s Palace, kitchen/dinning area, two bedrooms and a bathroom, rooftop balcony with panoramic views

All properties have unique features so our team are here to help you find exactly what you need in Split, Dubrovnik or Istria. And if you’re looking to get away from it all as a Digital Nomad we also have some great accommodation available on Hvar Island.

Get In Touch

So, if YOU are a Digital Nomad looking to make Croatia your temporary home, contact us!

Get in touch with us so that we can ensure that you have a background to make you the envy of every single Zoom meeting.

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