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Why settle for anything less

Golden Leaf provides homeowners and investors with piece of mind.  Our meticulous attention to details has made us one of the leading property management companies in the region.  

Our belief is that only quality will stand the test of time.  We work with our owners to insure their homes & villas meet all of the requirements to be labeled a Golden Leaf Property


Consulting Services

Sometimes it’s nice to hear what the professionals have to say.  Get inside information, tips and recommendations on how to attract more guests and maximize ROI.  

Professional Photograph

Photographs are the first and main think that guests look at when they choose to book (or not book) your property.  Think of them as a window into your property.  Making the investment in professional photography is a must. 

Virtual Property Walkthrough's

It’s getting harder to stay one step ahead of the competition.  That’s why create a virtual walking tour of your home will soon become the new normal. Let you guests experience you property before they even arrive.


Vacation Rental Marketing

Your property will be advertised on all of the major OTA channels including Booking.com, Expedia, HomeAway, TripAdvisor and more. high end properties can qualify for our premium program. 

Dynamic Pricing

Maximizing revenue is a fine balance between price and occupancy.  With our dynamic pricing system and KPI statistics,  we scan the market in order to make the best possible pricing decisions. 

Guest Communications & Support

From the first contact to the final farewell, we insure that all guests staying at one of our properties has 24 hour support during there stay.  Pre-arrival messages and forms will insure a smooth arrival and perfect organization. 

Payment Processing

From credit card transactions to bank transfers, we insure that all payment are made in line with our payment schedule policies and that our owners receive their payments on time.  


Property Cleaning

With standardized cleaning procedures and standards, Golden Leaf insures that there are not unexpected surprises when your guests arrive. 

Laundry Services

Laundry services provided by our top service partners.  Rest assured that your linens and sheets are in good hands. 


We currently meet and greet all guests arriving at our properties. 

Guest Registration

We register all guests arriving at your property.

Supplies & Essentials

If you get a company to manager your vacation rental operations, why think about supplies & essentials.  We will make sure that all the basics are covered. 

Property Maintenance

It inevitable that every now and then there are problems with your property, from air conditioning to plumping.  We will keep you informed and resolve all issues in a timely manner.  


Here we provide homeowners with as much information as we can so that they can make the best educated decisions regarding property management options:

Golden Leaf provides various options for homeowners.  We understand that not everyone needs everything, so lets break this down. 

Booking management is when we completely take over the advertising of your rental property on all of our networks and partner channels.  Large rental networks are called OTA’s and include booking.com, Airbnb, Expedia, HomeAway and more.  We also have our own direct distribution channel and use partners both nationally and internationally that promote properties directly on to their own websites.  

We also communicate with the guests prior to their arrival by answering all of their questions and eventually introducing them to you, the host.  We provide the guests with any additional support and services that they need during their stay and also provide assurances to homeowners such as security deposits and 3rd party liability insurance.   

These services are outlined above in the section Vacation Rental Management

Golden Leaf provides full property management to homeowners.  We currently provide these service on Hvar island, Split and the surrounding area. These services include booking management plus operations (listed in the above section Vacation Rental Operations).  This option is usually for homeowners who do not live near the property or to whom their vacation rental is not their primary source of income.  

The Golden Leaf premium program is our booking program that include Homes & Villas by Marriott International.  Only select rentals that meet the required criteria are eligible for this exclusive advertising platform.  

We work with unique, luxury and upscale accommodation:

Unique Accommodations

A property that stands out from the crowd because of its location, décor or wow effect. 

Luxury Accommodations

Just that, luxury 5-star villas, homes and apartments that offer their guests top quality furnishings, fitting and services.  The property may not be a certified 5-star accommodation, but it must meet and/or exceed the expectations of our guests.

Upscale Accommodations

Carefully decorated, well-equipped homes, villas or apartments where the same design flows through the entire property providing quality furniture and fittings. 

If you are only using our booking management services, then yes, you may use any number of other agencies or directly reserve your property to friend, family or private bookings.  However, we do ask that if you are using our booking services, that neither your nor any other agency use the same channels that we are using in order to avoid double listings.  

If you are using our property management services, then our agency has exclusive booking rights and no other agency can be used.  However, owners can still send their own private guests, friends or use the property themselves.  These bookings are subject to a smaller operational fee.  

All of our clients (if they choose) receive an owner’s online dashboard with private log-in details, where they can track their property calendar, reservations, invoices, guests and booking statistics whenever they choose. We also provide our owners with a native mobile application so their calendar and reservation details are always at their fingertips.

This really depends on the location.  In a good urban setting such as Split’s Diocletian palace, Dubrovnik city centre, and places like Hvar Town, occupancy can be extended to six months, if not more. 

In other places, the tourist season can be limited due to factors such as school holidays or even when the first Bura (North wind) blows.  Island and seaside locations can have anywhere from a 10-14 week season while the rural areas have seen an extended season with more visitors over winter, especially virtual nomads and other’s who can work from anywhere. 

Firstly, we need our homeowners to know that we only get paid if they get paid.  Our commission rates are not fixed and are based on the revenue the property generates.  We calculate our commission from net rental revenue.  Our standard commission is: 

 10% Booking management or vacation rental management. 

+20% Property management or vacation rental operations. 

Advertising costs money, and the vacation rental market is no different.  In this market, there are only and handful of really big players and many many small players. If you want to be part of this market and generate bookings, most likely you will have to use the big players.  The big players, or OTA’s, generally charge a % booking fee.  The % is taken from the total amount the guest pays (ADR or advertised daily rate).  So, what the ADR is your gross revenue while what is actually received is the net revenue: 

ADR – (Agency Fee + VAT) = Net Rental Revenue. 

When we say “OTA fee” or “agency fee”, we are not talking about the our agency commission, we are talking about the cost of using these OTA’s.

Unless you are renting the Taj Mahal, you need to use OTA’s.  

Yes, it is very possible that you will receive a booking generated directly from Golden Leaf.  In this instance, you will not be paying a OTA commission fee and Golden Leaf will be taking commission based on the below commission chart:  

  • < €1k ADR : 15% Fee
  • €1k – €3k ADR : 13% Fee
  • > €3k ADR : 10% Fee

ADR = Advertised Daily Rate

We are investing a lot if time, energy and money into digital and other types of marketing efforts.  In order for us to continue making these investments, we have to see a return on investment or ROI.  Our goal as an agency is not to be and extension of large OTA but rather to increase our brand awareness in order to provide direct quality bookings to our homeowners for year to come.  

Our other marketing services are all sold separately.  These are one time costs that owners pay in order to obtain professional materials which are then used to make their vacation rental business successful.  Though we offer a full marketing package for homeowners which can include photography, Drone and 3D Virtual Tours of your property, these are not required.  You can obtain these services from other providers.  

We make it very clear what is included and what is not included in the property management package.  This is all outlined in the contract with us.  Here are a few items or services that are not included but are charged separately: 

  • Preparing your pool at the start of the season.
  • Pool chemicals (can be purchased through us)
  • Gardening and planting services. 
  • Repairs of fixtures & fittings (electrical, plumbing, appliances..).
  • Guest welcome gifts
  • Specialty items (shampoo, conditional, lotion…).  We do provide soap, toilet paper and the essentials.  
  • Any government taxes and fees.