Virtual Concierge

Virtual Concierge 1 |  Golden Leaf Properties

The Virtual Concierge is your own personal assistant for your hotel or vacation rental

Virtual Concierge 2 |  Golden Leaf Properties

It uses revolutionary voice technology combined with the Amazon Echo smart speaker with Alexa. 

Virtual Concierge 3 |  Golden Leaf Properties

Alexa interacts with guests using natural voice technology.  By asking specific questions, your guests will receive answers that you have prepared in advance. In addition, Alexa can also answer questions not related to your property, play music and entertain your guests with games and jokes.

Let your guests speak to your assistant and learn everything they need without having to contact you. 

Provide this service both prior to your guest arrival using their smartphones and during your guests stay using the Amazon Echo smart speaker.

Signing up is completely free and once you’re signed in and all set up, you can use the Virtual Concierge free for one month with no credit card required. After your one month of free service, a small subscription fee will be required to continue your service.

3 Month Subscription: $6.00 per month ($18.00 total)

12 Month Subscription: $5.00 per month ($60.00 total)